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2 Early Testimonies by Rudolf Hoess

Source: Originally from Public Archives UK, WO.309/374, I have taken them from, the website associated with David Irving.

Context: Two testimonies - brief and with little detail given on 16 and 20 March respectively.  Interesting in mapping the development of Hoess's testimony.  This is the start of series on statements by Hoess.  A useful listing of statements has been compiled here:

Text 1: 16 March 1946
STATEMENT of Rudolf HOESS ------------
                    Statement of Rudolf HOESS, male, made 
                    voluntarily at Minden Gaol on 16th March
1.                  I was commandant of AUSCHWITZ from May 1941 until December 1943.
2.                  During this time the camp was visited by the following 
high-ranking persons
                         SCHWERIN-KROSIGK - Finanzminister
                         THIERACK     - Justizminister
                    They inspected the camp of AUSCHWITZ, its factories and farms 
and remained for approximately 3 - 4 hours.
3.                  I held the position of Adjutant and Schutzhaftlagerführer 
in SACHSENHAUSEN Concentration Camp from 1938 until 1940.
4.                  During this time I saw the following high ranking persons 
visit the camp of SACHSENHAUSEN.
                         FRICK - Innenminister (Minister of the interior)
The above statement was made 
voluntarily by me, Rudolf HOESS,     Sgd. Rudolf HOESS.
at Minden Gaol, Germany, on 
this 16th day of March 1946.
Witnessed by me, Capt A. VOLLMAR, 
22 Dragoons, an officer of the   
Judge Advocate General's Branch,     Sgd. A. VOLLMAR, Capt,
HQ BAOR at Minden Gaol, Germany                         JAG Branch,
this 16th day of March 1946.                   HQ BAOR. 
Certified that the above text was read to the said Rudolf HOESS in German
and that he agreed that it was true and voluntarily signed it.
       (Sgd) A. Vollmar, Capt.
        J.A.G. Branch
          H.Q. B.A.O.R.

 Text 2: 20 March 1946

       Made voluntarily at Minden Gaol by RUDOLF HOESS, 
       former Commandant of AUSCHWITZ concentration Camp, 
       on the 20th of March 1946.
1. I was Commandant of the Concentration camp AUSCHWITZ from 1 May 1940 
        to the first of December 1943.
2. When I took up my duties there were approximately 50 men Waffen SS 
        as guard platoon and 12-15 men Waffen SS as HQ section.
3. At the time I relinquished my command there were 3000 men Waffen SS serv-
        ing as guards, 300 men Waffen SS as Camp staff, and another 200 men Waffen 
        SS employed on other administrative duties, all told 3500 men Waffen SS 
        at the Concentration camp AUSCHWITZ.
4. Out of those who served originally at the camp, approximately 2500 men 
        Waffen SS were posted to field units and replaced by others, so that dur-
        ing my term of service all told 6000 men Waffen SS served at one time or 
        another in AUSCHWITZ. After my departure this exchange of personnel con-
        tinued, and I should say another 1000 men Waffen SS were replaced up to the 
        time of the evacuation of the Camp in 1945, so that all told approximately 
        7000 men Waffen SS have served at one time or another at the Concentration 
        Camp AUSCHWITZ.
5. Once a man had been selected from the guard troops for service with 
        the Camp staff, he remained with the staff, unless posted away from the Camp.
Witnessed by me, Capt. A. Vollmar,    [blue ink signature:]
XXII Dragoons, an officer of the                         Rudolf Höß
                     Judge Advocate General's Depart-
ment, HQ, BAOR, at Minden Gaol in 
Germany on this the 20th day of March 
        [Blue ink:]
  A. Vollmar Capt
  JAG Branch
  HQ B.A.O.R.
I hereby certify that I have accurately translated this deposition from English into German to the said deponent Rudolf HOESS and that he fully agrees the contents thereof.      [in blue ink: "
Rudolf HOESS"] [Signed in ink above deleted text: A Vollmar, Capt. JAG Branch HQ BAOR


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